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When Filipinos first meet, one of the first few questions that always comes up is “Taga-saan ka sa atin?”  A simple question, but it stumps me.  Why?  Because I’ve moved all my life.

birth – age 2:  Olongapo

2-5:  Japan, because that was where Papa was last stationed prior to retiring from the US Navy.

5-9:  on a farm in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

9-12:  we went back to Olongapo after Papa died of a heart attack

12-15:  Sapang Palay, Bulacan to live close to Mama’s remaining living sibling, Tata Isko

15-17:  back to Olongapo when Tata Isko passed away.  But even when we lived in Olongapo we moved from place to place, too.  We lived in the areas of East Bajac-Bajac, Tapinac, Sta. Rita, Tabacuhan & Barrio Barretto.

17-21:  Baguio while I was in college

21- 28:  various parts of Metro Manila – New Manila in Quezon City, Rosario in Pasig, Sampaloc, & at two different apartments in San Andres Bukid until we left for the States in 1997.

I haven’t stayed put either when we came here to the US.  1997-2000 we were in Washington state.  After my now ex-husband Eric joined the US Navy,  2000-2005 we were in California, 2005-2008 Japan, 2008-mid-2010 Rome, Italy.  I am now back in the US in San Diego, California.

When people say “There’s no place like home,”  I can’t really relate.  No one place is ‘home’ for me.  Home for me is not a geographical location, it is where my family & friends are at.  So in that sense, I have several ‘homes.’   For now though, San Diego is my home…but who knows where I’ll be several years from now :-).


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